IT HAS often been described as offering everything you would expect from a traditional New Forest village.

But one thing people in the picture postcard community of Burley did not expect was the appearance of a poster listing “top ten reasons” why men prefer guns to women.

Farmer Dan Tanner, who sells fruit and vegetables in the area, found the poster and thought it might raise a few smiles.

But the billboard, with its end of the pier-style humour, was branded “misogynistic” and “blatantly sexist” by villagers after raising eyebrows instead.

Daily Echo:

Mr Tanner has now taken it down following a visit from Philip Daubeney, chairman of the local parish council.

Cllr Daubeney said: “I called in after being told about the poster and asked him if he’d kindly remove it. He was very apologetic and said he didn’t mean to cause any offence.”


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The commercially-available poster made a series of statements in which women were compared unfavourably to guns.

Examples included:

“You can trade an old 44 for a new 22.”

“Your primary gun doesn’t mind if you keep another gun for a back-up.”

“A gun doesn’t take up a lot of closet space.”

But the poster added insult to injury by claiming men prefer guns to women because “you can buy a silencer for a gun”.

Villagers vented their fury after it appeared in the window of a former petrol station which Mr Tanner uses to store his collection of old tractors.

Daily Echo:

One resident said: “I was angered by the sign and shocked it was so enthusiastically displayed.

“Dan Tanner is a pillar of the local community and I’d expect a better standard of moral judgment on the subject of women’s roles. It’s in appallingly bad taste and really offensive.”

Another woman, who asked to be identified only as Katie, added: “I was shocked and angry to see such blatantly sexist material.

“These should not be viewed as light hearted or humorous opinions. It’s institutional sexism such as this that continues to allow women to be treated poorly in all walks of life.”

Mr Tanner confirmed the poster had been removed and admitted: “I made a misjudgement.

“At the time it seemed like something people might find entertaining but obviously it was a mistake.”

Mr Tanner, who is not married, said he did not share the opinions expressed on the poster.

He added: “What appeared amusing to me obviously wasn’t amusing to the public.”