HARDLY a day passes by where the New Forest doesn’t get a mention in the Daily Echo for one reason or another, and in Saturday’s edition it was the ladies of Burley getting all upset because a local male resident posted a little billet-doux in the window of a petrol station comparing women to guns.

The fair ladies of Burley, now with their danders well and truly upright, and especially keen to vent their anger, the chairman of the local parish council had his ears drummed and was obliged to contact the perpetrator of the crime.

So a local male resident, after eating more of his share of humble pie, removed that which was responsible for the perturbation and is probably in hiding somewhere deep in the forest away from all the nimbys of Burley who would like to see him on the business end of a ducking stool.

Well it makes me wonder just how sheltered lives these women must live and have never read about the benefits of chocolate and cucumbers when these commodities have been compared to men.

Come on girls pull the other one – venture out from the confines of the village and get a life.

Peter Green