A DRUNK Southampton man wandered into a stranger’s home wearing a bumbag of knives because he was “preparing for the end of the world”.

Conrad Hutchinson stumbled into the house and “frightened the life” out of two babysitters, who were looking after the owner’s children.

Police were called and searched Hutchinson, who was wearing a concealed waistband containing two knives and a piece of flint.

When asked why, the 24-year-old said he was a “prepper” – a person who actively readies themselves for the collapse of social or political order.

Southampton Crown Court heard how on November 23 last year, Hutchinson had been drinking at a pub in Calmore and “got lost” on the way to his friend’s home.

He instead walked into another home, occupied by two babysitters – a couple who were looking after the house while the owners were out.

One of the babysitters immediately asked Hutchinson to leave, but he told them he needed help and that “it wasn’t safe for him outside”.

The babysitter lowered his voice, in a bid to calm the situation down, and the pair exchanged names, while the other babysitter called the police.

Police arrested Hutchinson and found he was wearing a bumbag containing a knife, a pen knife and a piece of flint.

The court was told that in interview, Hutchinson said he was carrying the knives because he was “a prepper who was prepared for the end of the world”.

Defending, Jo Chester said Hutchinson accepted his views were “not shared by everyone” and had since adapted his behaviour. She said: “He has reviewed his lifestyle choices.

“He doesn’t drink and doesn’t carry knives anymore.”

Hutchinson, of Southcliff Road, Southampton, pleaded guilty to one count of trespassing with a weapon and one count of possessing a blade.

Judge Nicholas Rowland sentenced him to a four-months in prison, suspended for 12 months, and a four-month curfew, from 8pm to 8am each day.