PLANS have been submitted to build a new floating home near Winchester.

Produced by Winchester-based architects AR Design Studio, the plans for 'The Water Lily House' show the house would float on top of an disused Alresford reservoir that once served the surrounding fields.

The design is derived from the initial concept of a floating lily pad, hence the name.

Architects have refused to confirm the location of the proposed building, which will become available once a planning application is submitted.

They say that because of the lack of biodiversity on the reservoir, the design team saw an opportunity to turn the lake into an asset

The scheme has also been designed to copy the benefits of water lilies by casting shade, helping to keep algae growth down and giving shelter from both the sun and predators to the pond life.

It would also give the occupants 360-degree panoramic views of the area, taking in the lake and the open countryside fields.

The Water Lily House would be accessed via a footbridge from the entrance courtyard and proposed garage, which would be hidden within the existing bank of the reservoir in order to minimise the visual impact. To the south of the house, a swimming pond links to a floating reed bed and jetty, allowing boats to be moored.

A spokesman for AR Design Studio said: "The Water Lily House is unique in its design, providing an innovative dwelling in an otherwise underutilised site. The immediate surroundings will be significantly enhanced, with the remodelling of the existing reservoir and addition of sensitive landscaping."

AR Design Studio has previously been recognised for it architectural expertise and flair by winning a number of prestigious industry awards, including the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) South East 2018 Award, the RIBA South West Award 2017, American Architecture Award 2017 and the UK Property Awards 2017, in addition to being longlisted for Grand Designs House of the Year Award 2018.

The firm says it is in the process of submitting a planning application, the date of which could not be confirmed, and came up with the designs after being approached to build a new family home on the site.