A HAMPSHIRE councillor has called on the county authority to ban lorries from a residential road, after “thousands of pounds” worth of damage has been caused.

This, Councillor Alan Dowden says, has come in the form of crushed bollards, smashed ‘keep left’ signs, and even the ‘entering’ Valley Park sign being ripped down.

The local member says that while Knightwood Road was originally intended to be used as a distributor route, its now residential surroundings has made it difficult dangerous for HGVs to use the route – which is also lined with a leisure centre and several schools.

Neighbouring Flexford Road has also seen its fair share of damage.

“It’s dangerous,” said Cllr Dowden.

“My concerns are clear and I have brought them up [with Hampshire County Council] on numerous occasions.

“Some HGVs are so big that sometimes they do not know that they have smashed things down.”

He added that he is worried it could next be a child.

“We’re trying to make this pleasant place to live, especially with our annual bulb planting, but

then we have the situation like this when the highways look so messy.”

Cllr Dowden has also petitioned the council for more cash to mend the damage in the area.

He added: “All I have heard back from the council is that they have run out of money [from that particular budget] and they have to wait for the next financial year.

Transport boss for Hampshire County Council, Rob Humby, said: “I can confirm that works have been programmed to repair or replace the damaged bollards in the new financial year.

“Further lorry bans are unlikely to be successful, given the need for local deliveries but we will continue to monitor the situation.”