UK consumers spend close to £69 on a night out on average, according to a report which monitors changes in the evening and late night business sector.

We asked readers if they had £69 to spend what would they spend it on?

  • Nicky Rames, a 22-year-old Solent University student from Polygone, said: "I would go for drinks with the girls. Sex on the Beach and Pornstar Martini are my favourite cocktails. I might also go on a spa day and have a facial."
  • Kirsty Smith, a 40-year-old housewife from Swanmore, said: "I would spend it on any outfit. It would be from River Island and I would buy ripped jeans because they're more comfortable. I would also buy a comfy jumper and jogging bottoms."
  • Kamran Ghanei, a 43-year-old restaurant manager from Shirley, said: "I would definitely spent the money on clothes from John Lewis and I would buy a jacket, shirt and shoes. I like Adidas too so I would probably buy a pair of their trainers."
  • Nick Rowland, a 57-year-old retired police officer from Botley, said: "I would probably go out to dinner because it is always nice to treat yourself. We all have too much so I would spend it on an experience."