AT A recent panel meeting of the Labour-run council, they decided not to oppose the felling of trees at Marhill copse.

Yet again we see Labour prove they pay lip service to our environment. We need trees and lots of them to clean our air, hold water in the ground and support nature.

I left Labour years ago as I realised they were never serious about environmental issues.

To prove my point, many Labour MPs even voted to expand Heathrow airport which will create misery for many and help accelerate climate change.

Now, hypocritically, the Labour group want to introduce a non-binding green charter.

I doubt green groups could support this as it has no specific targets.

Targets are needed as, whether we like it or not, we have a climate emergency.

If things don’t change (according to the IPCC report) by 2030, we risk the planet going into positive feedback, which could cause runaway climate change.

With the local May elections coming up, this is your chance to demonstrate that change is needed.

Ron Meldrum