IT IS THE Hampshire School that is focused on "building opportunities for students to be leaders."

Townhill Junior School in Benhams Road, Southampton, has a total of 326 pupils from year three to year six.

Ms Sian Carr, took over as headteacher at the school in September last year.

Since January, Sian has implemented three rules which focus on responsibility, being respectful and ensuring the students work towards being the best version of themselves.

She said: "We want our pupils to have the opportunity to becomes leaders and well rounded individuals."

Since January, the school has implemented a number of leadership roles for pupils.

This includes sport ambassadors, school council representatives and restorative practice ambassadors who help reinforce the school rules to their fellow pupils.

Sian added: "This is all about working together and building a family atmosphere.

"We have had a really positive start with this initiative and the children who have been selected are really proud of their roles.

"It is all about the students taking responsibilities of their actions and choices.

"It is also an opportunity for them to build on their confidence."

The school has also recently introduced their nurture department that focuses on teaching emotional literacy.

The programme takes place across four terms and teaches 10 children about emotions and communication skills through targeted activities.

Sian said: "I love the school and the children, the parents have been very supportive and as a school we are on a rapid journey to improving."