I AM writing regarding the report in Monday’s Daily Echo about the speed camera on Maybray King Way and calls for the speed limit to be increased due to it catching so many speeding vehicles.

About 100 yards down the hill from that speed camera is a pedestrian crossing across the dual carriageway. As a parent who crosses their child there every day on the school run, it doesn’t surprise me that the camera catches so many given the speed with which vehicles often come thundering past us.

Heading towards the city centre, you cannot see the crossing from a distance.

If the speed limit were increased to 40mph it would heighten the risk of vehicles not stopping in time for this half of the crossing.

The crossing on Maybray King Way is heavily used at school drop-off and pick-up times. Rather than raising the speed limit to 40mph, the 30mph limit needs to be better signed.

Raising the speed limit would seriously endanger pedestrians using this crossing.