STUNNED motorists were 'stopped in their tracks' after spotting a giant seven-foot tall dinosaur travelling through quiet villages and along a busy motorway.

Bemused onlookers spotted the huge, multi-coloured Velociraptor being driven on the back of a flatbed truck.

The sculpture, which weighs in at a staggering 50 stone and is made using 68,370 different Lego bricks, is one of dozens which will go on display this Friday at Marwell Zoo near Winchester.

It took four builders 260 hours to complete the sculpture.

After being built at the Lego building workshop in Bordon, the Velociraptor - named Vigo - was driven through quiet villages, including Wickham,.

Before completing the journey to the 140-acre wildlife park, the colourful sculpture shocked onlookers on the busy M27 motorway.

One eye-witness, who spotted the dinosaur in Wickham, said: "It was a very peculiar sight to see a massive dinosaur.

"People were stopping in their tracks, doing a double-take before getting out their phones to take a picture.

"Kids were absolutely delighted, cyclists stopped in their tracks and a bus driver even pulled over and got out of his bus to take a selfie with the dinosaur."

The Velociraptor sculpture is one of 50, created using more than two million bricks, which will be displayed at Marwell Zoo as part of their Brickosaurs event.

Included among them will be the largest touring Lego dinosaur ever made, a 26-foot tall T-Rex which will have to be transported in sections using a 40-tonne lorry and rebuit on site.

The zoo's events manager Nicky Cole said: "We’re so pleased Vigo the Velociraptor raised so many smiles on his way to us at the zoo.

"When an event opens for the first time, I love to see our guests’ reactions; it’s the most satisfying part of anything we do.

"BRICKOSAURS is the biggest event the park has ever put on, and it’s a world exclusive, so it’s pretty epic in our books."

The Velociraptor was built by firm Bright Bricks.

The company's creative director Ed Diment said: "Taking Vigo the Velociraptor on an open trailer from our workshop in Bordon to Marwell Zoo was a first for us.

"It was amazing to see people’s reactions to a brick-built dinosaur and we had a lot of questions from the public.

"We hope everyone who spotted Vigo enjoyed the experience. They can look forward to a whole lot more when they visit Marwell Zoo."