I HAVE just returned from viewing the public exhibition on the proposals to build a new apartment block in Ocean Village on an existing, well-used car park.

I wouldn’t exactly say that the proposals have been hidden from the public, but the first we were made aware of the plans in any way, shape or form was today by the reporting in the Daily Echo paper and on the Echo website. Whilst we had an inkling of a new development we were not aware of the scope until today. The public exhibition started today (Friday) and continues tomorrow (Saturday). Through our post-box today we had a flyer advising of the exhibition...what a great deal of notice.

There is much to be said about the monstrosity that is planned. Artistic license in the drawings is one thing, but to completely ignore residential apartments that may be, say, 20 metres away is another, as well as showing cars parked to the front, which is actually on ABP land and are new cars that are waiting to be shipped out. I realise that no-one has a right to a view, but a right to some privacy is not too much to ask for.

The main point is that the proposals are for 222 apartments with a total of just 27 car parking spaces, of which four are disabled. Heaven help the other 200-odd cars that are being “invited” to park in the existing multi-storey with passes available to purchase. I have had a quick look at the cost of a permit for seven days a week for a year which equates to £2,451. How many residents do you think are going to stand for that?

While this is initially only a consultation, just how much notice will be taken of any ideas, suggestions and objections that we have, and will the planning applications be dealt with in the same underhand way?

It is vital that our councillors understand the feelings of their residents and stand against this monstrosity before its too late.

Brian Davies

Ocean Village