IT is the Winchester school that tries to cover all bases.

St Bede C of E Primary in Gordon Road encourages its pupils to take on new challenges and responsibilities, offering a wide range of opportunities.

There are a number of roles available to students, including head boy and head girl, as well as leadership posts in most subject departments.

The school has been rated 'outstanding' twice in the last six years - the first by Ofsted in 2013, and the other in a Church of England SIAMS report last summer.

Headteacher, Sarah Duck, has been in her role since 2015, and was the assistant headteacher for five years before being promoted.

She often organises guest speakers to visit and talk about different topics, with the most recent being a local artist to help the children with a new project.

Sarah said: "We try to bring in as many people as we can to show the children how the subjects they are learning can impact on the wider community.

"What's important about learning is that it needs to be memorable - the children are more likely to remember trips and visitors."

The school has a large music department with many instruments, and pupils can join the orchestra, the choir and a drumming club.

Sport is also a key focus, and in PE lessons, children can use the facilities at River Park Leisure Centre just a stone's throw away.

Sarah said: "There's lots of sport here, and we encourage the pupils to try everything they can.

"We are very lucky where we are - the centre, the greenspace and all of the other places we can walk to really enhances the quality of learning."

Daily Echo:


St Bede is a school that I am incredibly proud to be head teacher of, and one that I enjoy coming to each day.

Our children are engaged, positive and hardworking and the staff are dedicated, creative and skilful professionals.

We work together closely, committed to providing the best and broadest education for our pupils.

Recently we have engaged in a number of competitive sporting events ranging from cross country running to pancake races, we have taken part in local history and art projects, have a thriving choir and orchestra and have attended or hosted visits from authors and wildlife experts.

At St Bede there is a clear commitment to achieving strong academic standards alongside offering a rich and engaging curriculum that we hope prepares and inspires pupils for future learning and the opportunities that lie ahead of them.

Across the school we provide a number of opportunities to develop positive learning habits and behaviours, encouraging children to work collaboratively, to show resilience, to reflect on previous learning and experiences and to think creatively. These habits are seen in class lessons and beyond. As a church school, our behaviours and actions are underpinned by five core values; love, peace, courage, trust and friendship. We believe these values and habits will create strong foundations for the future happiness and success of our pupils.

No two days at St Bede are the same and there is never time to be bored, but we are a busy, ambitious and happy school. It is a privilege to work with people who enjoy learning as much as I do and who put a smile on my face so regularly.