THE Rocky Horror Show took the Mayflower Theatre by storm last night, treating fans to a fierce display of talent that got everyone up on their feet dancing to the Time Warp.

Before the musical began, the atmosphere was filled with excitement with most of the audience coming dressed in tight corsets, feather boas and fishnet tights.

Having never watched the Rocky Horror Show, I was pleasantly surprised to experience a night filled with naughty antics and hilarious innuendos.

Creator Richard O’Brien packed his show with memorable faces, my favourite being ex-Blue Duncan James, who plays the outrageous Frank N Furter, an alien transvestite who creates the perfect man to satisfy his sexual desires.

The crowd went wild when he made his entrance in style to the song “Sweet Transvestite”, while stunning everyone with suspenders and killer heels.

Dom Jolly was the perfect fit for the narrator in the play. The comedian and writer never failed to deliver constant laughs and boasted his ability to think on his feet when audience members lightheartedly heckled him.

I finally understood why the Rocky Horror Show is a cult classic as it encourages the audience to participate as much as possible throughout the play.

I could not resist getting involved in the action when everyone turned on their torches for “There’s a Light” before Janet and Brad, played by Strictly Come Dancing star Joanne Clifton and Celebrity Big Brother finalist Ben Adams, entered Furter’s decadent castle.

All of the cast showcased their stunning voices throughout the play, but I was particularly impressed by Callum Evans’, who plays Rocky, acrobatic skills. His continuous backflips added to the excitement of the play and the actor did not leave much to the imagination while bearing a tiny pair of gold shorts and envy-worthy muscles.

In the finale, the entire cast were dressed in corsets and heels and treated the audience to an encore of “Time Warp”.

It is so refreshing to see a show unite the audience and actors alike in a fun-filled and mad evening - long may the 70s classic continue to bring its sexy shenanigans to audiences across the UK.