IT IS indeed a sad state of affairs when a 96-year-old war veteran, falls over a broken paving slab and is injured.

No doubt this is one of many that happens every day in Southampton. Most go unreported.

Southampton I`m afraid is breaking up!

Roads with numerous dangerous potholes, pavements in a deplorable condition. Paved areas not safe to walk on.

Even newly laid pedestrian areas are poorly constructed.

The city council will never get on top of the situation with their shoddy attitude, and council tax payers should be able to expect better, with the annual amount of tax demanded by the authority.

They seem to have money to spend on high profile projects such as the arts quarter or around the Bargate development or developing expensive cycle lanes, but little is being done to mend the already broken!

When these problems are voiced to political supporters touting for your vote in the May elections, they cite the lack of available finance.

All I can say is if money wasn`t being wasted, there would be enough to tackle the increasing problems we have.

If you are going to vote and considering the political state of the country currently, many won`t, and who could blame them, but if you are, think about where you put your cross. Are we getting value for our money?

Richard A Jacob