A TOURIST has been “kicked, bitten and chased” by a New Forest pony after he tried to feed it.

A man was caught on video being pursued by a pony in Lyndhurst after he fed it food from a plastic bag.

Now, a local business is calling for more to be done to inform visitors of the dangers of feeding Forest livestock.

Michelle Haworth from Spotlight Sales and Lettings in Lyndhurst filmed a man being chased by a pony at Bolton’s Bench after feeding it.

Michelle claims the man was bitten and kicked before she started filming the pony chasing him around a tree.

The man is chased around the tree before he drops a bag of food on the floor and runs away, leaving the pony to eat.

She said: “It’s Easter so there are lots of tourists around and I don’t think there’s enough signage to warn people.

“It’s annoying when people eat in spaces they shouldn’t.

“I don’t want to moan, it’s more about educating people.

“I don’t expect people to come in and just know what they should do in the Forest.”

Last year a campaign was launched to stop people feeding and touching the animals in the Forest and encourage visitor to “keep their distance”.

Owners of the animals and many local organisations came together to issue the call due to concerns that people are putting themselves at risk by approaching the animals.

The campaign was backed by a range of materials to clearly inform people about not feeding or petting animals, including posters displayed in popular Forestry Commission car parks.

A spokesperson from the authority said that the animals “really don’t need to be fed by visitors”.

They added: “Human food, even discarded fruit and vegetables, can make them ill and could even kill ponies and donkeys.

“Some ponies will spend time at locations which are popular with visitors, because they are attracted to people with food. Sadly, every year a few people are hurt by ponies or donkeys that have learned to expect food.

“Children are especially vulnerable so please act responsibly and keep a safe distance.”