For the attention of the editor of Soapbox,

Regarding a letter in Soapbox on Saturday, April 6. I was taken aback by the lack of empathy in the letter from C. Vaughan of Sholing.

I do not want to get into a bat an ball situation as have seen in Soapbox in the past. But, the writer has jumped on the band wagon and not considered the actual problems. The facts are the multi-story carpark is planned to be situated very closely to the back of Swaythling Infants School, in a residential area of hundreds of houses and congested roads. Yes, of course some residents have cars but can you assure the writer that we pay heavily for the privilege of parking unlike, Sholing.

The university has obtained many homes i the area including a whole road of demolished homes on Salisbury Road. Worst of all ex-council houses built for families. If the parking situation had been properly planned this problem would not arise today.

We have a large fleet of university busses which run an excellent service. Why cannot the car users travel on them. Southampton must invest in a park and ride. C. Vaughan did not suggest this, so suggest you visit the area, see the problems for yourself before making sweeping statements. Yours faithfully.

Mrs I Read