WHILST fly-tipping is reprehensible I wonder how may of us realise that we may have contributed to it happening.

When was the last time you asked to see the Waste Carrier Licence of the cheerful contractor who offered to “take that away for you”?

I’m guessing, never.

Also of more concern in a way, is the growing acceptance that people are willing to pay cash for a job.

I’ve heard of jobs worth thousands of pounds being paid in cash.

Both of these actions directly contribute to the whole cycle of fly-tipping.

No invoice means no way to evidence who took the rubbish away making a successful prosecution almost impossible.

And don’t get me started on social responsibility about paying cash which directly avoids paying those taxes that fund the public services we all feel we are losing.

So, no Waste Carrier Licence or no invoice = no job.

That may not fully solve the fly-tipping problem completely but it will make a difference.

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