PUPILS have added a dash of colour to Romsey town centre.

Youngsters from Romsey Abbey Church of England Primary School and The Romsey School have decorated the protective boards surrounding Lord Palmerston’s statue in the Market Place.

As previously reported, work to revamp the town centre is underway.

The roundabout in the Market Place is set to be replaced with a large piazza-style build-out around Lord Palmerston’s statue.

York stone paving will surround the Palmerston statue, and power bollards will be installed at the entrances to the Market Place.

There will also be a bicycle rack and a number of new benches put in place.

The work is expected to be completed by summer but last week students and Hampshire County Council leader Roy Perry added a splash of colour to the to Lord Palmerston’s statue protective hoardings.

Cllr Perry said: "It is good to see the work in Market Place is coming along apace. The York Stone paving and granite drainage channels have been completed along the western footway from the TSB bank up to Kitchenhaus and is progressing along the footpath towards the Archway.

“These improvements have been designed to enhance the environment and support the economic viability of Romsey’s historic town centre - while improving accessibility for all who come to the town."

As previously reported, the transformation of the Market Place is the final part of a £3.2m improvements to the town centre.

It follows £1.5 million improvements to Church Street and Bell Street. The scheme is led by Hampshire County Council.