CAST your vote and help us find Southampton's favourite coffee shop.

This Easter weekend could provide us with the perfect opportunity to get out in the sun and sip upon our chosen cup of caffeine-rich greatness.

Many of us love the aromas coffee shops provide, as the fragrance of freshly ground coffee permeates the air and entwines with the sweet scent of cinnamon.

Whether you tend to plump for the chocolatey indulgence that is mocha, the straighter black americana, or the eye-poppingly strong espresso - why not have your say and vote for your favourite place to pick up a cup?

Some of us enjoy the unique feel of an independent coffee house, some favour a cafe, while others enjoy the tried and tested chains.

The Daily Echo asked its readers to nominate their favourite coffee shop and now the results are going to the public vote.

Having your say is easy - simply click on the vote icon of your favourites - the more votes they get, the higher they climb up the list.

Scroll down to vote.

Voting runs until midday on Friday, April 26.