HUNDREDS of residents are set to attend a pro-Brexit demonstration and march in the city centre this weekend.

The event has been organised by the Southampton to Brexit group, which was formed at the end of March by Southampton residents Michaela Dowse, Julie Haylett and Matthew Roberts.

The trio, who are all Brexiters, decided to set up the group and the event after meeting through Facebook.

The demonstration will see Kim Rose, UKIP candidate for Peartree, and Jonathan Hines from Solent TV speak at the Bargate at 2.30pm, and the those participating in the demonstration will march to the Guildhall.

When asked why they decided to arrange the demonstration, Michaela said: “We all felt like we have been ignored and we decided that we wanted to do something about that.

“We voted for Brexit and we want it to happen.

“MPs are ignoring us and the whole thing is being dealt with undemocratically.

“I know what I voted for and I feel like we are being patronised.”

The 50-year-old from Freemantle added that she was now “not sure we can get a good deal”.

When asked why people should attend the demonstration, Michaela added: “Too often people don’t do anything.

“We don’t want to be ignored any more and we want to show that we have a view and that we want our opinion to be counted.”

Councillor Satvir Kaur, who represents the Shirley ward, said: “Southampton has a long, strong history of protests and marches that aim make political statements – this is a sign of any well-functioning democracy, provided they are respectful and lawful.

“Irrespective of how people voted in the EU referendum, I think people are fed up and need certainty.

“A no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for a city like Southampton; I believe due to the current Parliamentary deadlock, government should go back to the people and ask whether the government’s deal is what we all actually wanted.”

Southampton Itchen MP Royston Smith added: “I think it is a good thing as peaceful protesting is part of our democracy.

“I understand the frustration and it’s exhausting.

“Anyone in parliament going against the decision to leave the EU needs to reflect on their own democracy.

“People should go along and peacefully protest on Saturday to make their voices heard.”