A HUNGRY burglar was caught after he left his DNA on a yoghurt pot, stolen from his victim's fridge.

Daniel Brodowski briefly paused his raid to eat the yoghurt, before throwing the empty pot to the floor once finished.

When police arrived to inspect the scene, officers found the empty pot, which was swabbed for DNA.

Officers matched the DNA to the 25-year-old, who was jailed for more than a year on Wednesday, after admitting the burglary.

Brodowski also pleaded guilty to another burglary, where he was caught in the act with stolen antique oriental padlocks and jewellery.

Southampton Crown Court was told how Brodowski first raid took place in October, at a property in Archers Road, Southampton.

Prosecutor Jane Rowley told the court how the property was owned by a couple, who spend the winter months in the Far East and were away at the time.

She said Brodowski broke into the property through the back door but was spotted by a neighbour, who called the police.

Officers found Brodowski in the garden, with a collection of jewellery and antique padlocks, said to be from the Far East.

Ms Rowley said investigators were unable to find values for the locks or the jewellery – but said they were believed to have sentimental value to the family.

All of the items were recovered at the scene of the incident, Ms Rowley added.

The court was told how Brodowski also broke into a home in Woodside Road, St Denys, on November 21.

Ms Rowley said Brodowski gained access to the house through an open window and stole a laptop, belonging to the homeowner, who works as a nurse.

But Brodowski was caught after leaving his DNA at the scene.

Ms Rowley said: "Inside the property, an empty yoghurt pot was found, which had been taken from the fridge and consumed.

"DNA was recovered from the yoghurt pot, which had been left on the kitchen floor."

She added that the stolen laptop was not recovered and that the nurse had been left "upset and frustrated" by Brodowski's break-in.

In mitigation, Jamie Gammon said Brodowski had been homeless at the time of the incident, having lost his job.

Mr Gammon accepted his client faced an immediate custodial sentence, but said he hoped Brodowski would get help to address his offending as part of his post-sentence supervision.

Judge Peter Henry jailed Brodowski, of Somerset Road, Southampton, for a total of 15 months.