CAMPAIGNERS marched through Southampton on Saturday to demand an end to delays surrounding Brexit.

Three years ago more than 17 million people voted in favour of Britain withdrawing from the European Union – but Brexiteers are still waiting for the government to honour the result of the referendum.

Members of Southampton for Brexit vented their anger and frustration that the country is still a member of the EU.

Kim Rose, a UKIP candidate in Southampton in this week’s local elections, told fellow marchers: “This is not just about Brexit. We have a much bigger fight on our hands – and that fight is for the survival of democracy.”

In a hard-hitting message to the Prime Minister he added: “Stop fudging the issue and get on with it.”

Urged on by Mr Rose the campaigners chanted: “Theresa May don’t delay – give us a no-deal Brexit today.”

Many of the demonstrators were draped in the Union Flag while others wore Union Flag hats and carried placards which read: “Leave Means Leave”.

Southampton campaigners were joined by fellow Brexiteers from other parts of Hampshire, including Chandler’s Ford and the New Forest.

Sir Desmond Swayne, Tory MP for New Forest West, was cheered and applauded after telling the protesters: “We will not allow our will to be overturned.”

Leaflets handed out by the marchers said: “52% voted out and out we must be.

“A referendum is a one-off. It’s not like a game of rock, papers, scissors - we cannot keep playing until they (the Remainers) like the result.

“No deal is better than a bad deal. We want to be in control of our own destiny.”

The marchers blew whistles as they walked from the Bargate to New Road. They had intended to go as far as Guildhall Square but changed their route to avoid clashing with a climate change protest.

Two of the Brexiteers carried a large Union Flag emblazoned with the word “Freedom”.