IT WAS disappointing to read in the Echo that USA president Trump is to visit Portsmouth on his state visit during the D-Day events being held in the city.

Many people will be out to protest Trump visiting the UK for various reasons, including myself. My reason is the survival of the NHS as Trump is about to deprive every man, woman and child in this country of an effective heath service unless you can afford to pay for it privately and as he actively does to millions of USA citizens.

Under the first post-Brexit transatlantic trade agreement with the USA the NHS is top of his list and will open the floodgates to USA’s ruthless corporate medicine, medical health insurance and everything else rotten about the USA healthcare systems.

It is clear our present government, under the fog of the Brexit saga, has been dismantling the very foundations of this nation’s health service ready for privatisation from national health contributions to private health insurance.

It will happen very quickly unless the public wake up and stop it while they still can.


North Baddesley