By Jane Reader

SOUTHAMPTON is one of the most expensive places to rent a room in the UK according to figures released today.

At £546 per month, it is the sixth most expensive location, behind London, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Cambridge and Leeds.

A room in London will set you back £745 a month, while Glasgow residents are asked to fork out £588.

Prices for Bournemouth, Cambridge and Leeds are £575, £562 and £548 respectively.

The UK average is £535 with the lowest rental in Aberdeen at just £266.

Prices in Southampton are a whopping 16 per cent higher than at the same time last year.

Co-founder of Ideal Flatmate, Tom Gatzen, said: “A new year but a similar story where the UK rental market is concerned with the cost of renting continuing to climb as a result of the imbalance between high demand and insufficient stock levels.

“This trend is almost certain to persist over the coming year and the impending tenant fee ban could see this growth spike further as rental costs are used to recoup lost revenue.”

London remains the most expensive city in the UK, driven largely by the high-end market.

Even the most affordable London borough is more expensive than most UK towns and cities.