CLIMATE has to change, it is all part of the game and we should be thankful at been given the chance to play.

Whatever the future holds we as the human race must face up to the inevitable end game.

It has to be so, that’s the nature of the beast.

Man-made pollution is being blamed with protests and demonstrations – let’s be honest, all a waste of time.

Cruise ships, holiday flights, big SUVs to take kids to school or shopping trips, gas/oil heating sending out toxic fumes.

Not to mention power stations and refineries fuelling all our must have luxuries. Do you really think mankind will give all this up?

Not a chance in hell. Mother Nature, the boss lady, may already have in place the next ice age or warm period to cleanse the planet and start over. There's nothing we can do to undo the devastation we have created... Or is there?