I refer to Peter Sowerby’s letter of 1stMay (Trump in Hampshire)which certainly “ hit the nail on the head”, when he expressed his fear of a trade deal with Trump’s America and the implications we should be aware of.

Such a trade agreement would include the selling of our precious NHS. What a bonanza it would be - benefitting the interests of the few against those of the many.

The likes of Nigel Farage would be only too pleased to enter into this sort of deal with President Trump.

Of course, our NHS is fertile and profitable territory for the rich American moguls.

My anxiety is that this philosophy would appeal greatly to our current incompetent government.

The Tories are slowly and insidiously starving the NHS of adequate funds to maintain the proper health service which we all deserve - “grinding it into the ground”, enabling it to be sold off cheaply.

So beware of the utterances of “False Gods”, in particular those of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.

We all remember the lies on the side of the battle bus, with the promise of £350M extra per week for the NHS!!

It is about time that the nation woke up to the enormous threats to the NHS from international capital.

We must be aware of these dangers and ensure the NHS is properly maintained, well funded and kept safe from foreign exploitation.


Ocean Village