A BURGLAR who targeted three Hampshire homes in the space of three hours has been jailed.

Luke Jordan Bews, 22, broke into the three properties, all in one morning, and stole cash and valuables.

He also stole one victim's car and was moments away from stealing another victim's vehicle.

But he was forced to flee the scene after she confronted him on her driveway.

Today, Bews was jailed for four-and-a-half-years  at his sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court.

The court was told how Bews targeted the first home around 1.55am on Monday, March 25.

A woman aged in her twenties heard a car outside her home on Hillson Drive.

When she looked out of her window she saw that her car lights were on and that the car had been driven into the front of her house.

The man inside her car ran off after she opened her front door.

Electronic items taken from inside the house were found in the vehicle, £30 in cash and a set of keys were taken by the man.

Just an hour later, Bews broke into a house of Fareham Park Road, where keys were stolen and vehicles searched.

Around 5am, a man heard a crashing noise coming from a driveway on Fareham Park Road.

A Ford Fiesta, keys, an engagement ring, and cash had been stolen from a flat.

Keys stolen from the first two burglaries were later found by a member of the public on a nearby bridleway, linking these reports.

The victim from Hillson Drive provided officers with a detailed description of the man she saw and the Ford Fiesta taken from Fareham Park Road was later recovered.

Bews, of Bishopsfield Road, Fareham was subsequently arrested and charged with all three burglaries, which he pleaded guilty to.

Investigating officer PC Charlotte Pocock said: “I’d like to thank Bew’s victims who helped us to build this case alongside detailed CCTV enquiries carried out in the area.

“Residential burglary offences can have a dramatic impact on victims, especially if items of sentimental value are taken. I’m glad that this sentence reflects the seriousness of Bew’s offending”.