So what if young people will need a visa, costing a few pounds and valid for several years,

to travel in EU countries, when Brexit actually happens?

Europhiliac Lord Willetts' statement that old people voted against the rights of the young

(Echo, May 3), was as nasty and inflammatory as the claim by 'comedian' Ricky Gervais that

the referendum proved that 'old people hate young people'.

Actually, what we mature types hate is the steady and deliberate erosion of our parliamentary

democracy/self-government, over the last four decades. We cannot expect younger people to

fully understand this, especially given the currently shambolic shower in Westminster.

Like Christine Cassell (letter, May 4), I've been irritated by MPs whining about stress caused

by Brexit. If they had honoured the referendum result instead of trying to thwart it, we could

all have moved on.

Colin Hingston