HAVING read Cllr David Harrison’s letter in the Echo (8/5/19) I must say that I too am confused. Confused by the argument he puts forward.

He seems to be under the impression that the majority of people of Britan want to stay in the EU and cites a unnamed opinion poll showing 60% remain as proof of this. He seems to forget that the last time he relied on opinion polls to determine public views on staying in the EU it backfired on him spectacularly! Remember the referendum, Mr Harrison?

The Lib Dems have sought to destabilise Brexit from the outset. It is their modus operandi. Divide opinion and gain power by adopting wishy-washy policies.

EU elections are being held on May 23rd. I would ask Mr Harrison that if the result shows a sizeable win for the Brexit supporting parties that he accept that we should leave and he should stop his pro-remain posturing.

Alan Stool, Totton.