THREE New Forest beaches have received top-notch water quality ratings.

The seas off Lepe, Milford-on-Sea and Calshot are all rated excellent by the Environment Agency which tested the waters off 11 Hampshire beaches.

The agency said: “The bathing water at Lepe usually achieves a high water quality standard and investigations have not been necessary.”

The government says that last year, water quality remained high with 98 per cent of bathing waters in England meeting the tough standards.

The Environment Agency tests water quality at every official bathing water to ensure it is maintained and improved. Beach-goers can check the water quality at their nearest bathing water spot by visiting the Environment Agency’s Bathing Water Data Explorer website to find out how the quality is at their chosen beach and if there are any alerts.

As well as making sure people can make informed choices about where to bathe, this regular monitoring supports ongoing work to maintain and improve water quality, supporting the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

Head of Water Quality at the Environment Agency, Helen Wakeham, said: “Water quality has improved at English beaches over the last two decades giving locals and tourists a better experience as well as benefitting the environment.

“Improving water quality at our beaches is a fantastic achievement and is a testament to the work of Environment Agency staff, water companies, local authorities, farmers, volunteers and NGOs. It shows what energy and commitment can achieve for the environment and people.”

Those who want up-to-date information on water quality can find it via the Safer Seas Service app.

All members of the public can help keep water clean by taking all rubbish with them after visits to the beach, not leaving dog mess on the beach and never flushing wet wipes or pouring fats down drains.



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