SHIRLEY Warren Primary & Nursery School can be found in the heart of the Shirley Warren area of Southampton.

The school building dates back to the 1930s and is, in fact, a converted secondary school meaning the children have lots of space and freedom to run around and enjoy themselves.

The school has 478 students which include the nursery department. It is an incredibly diverse community with over 27 languages spoken amongst the children.

Shirley Warren is especially proud of its extra-curricular activities and opportunities.

All students are able to learn a musical instrument with lessons paid for by the school.

What’s more, they can even take their instruments home for practice.

Children are able to learn using all the latest technology with classes equipped with a range of Ipads and computers.

Parents are often invited to classes so they can see what their children are being taught and the teacher’s methods.

To encourage the parents’ involvement in school life the school hosts bingo nights.

Key Stage 1 leader, Laura Allen: said: “I love seeing the children being successful and achieving things they have been struggling with. I enjoy learning things with the children because I like to show them that I do not know everything. As a teacher, you have to be prepared to be silly. I would describe our school as a happy, nurturing and diverse place with hardworking staff and pupils.”