Hampshire students will be singing their hearts out in an attempt to raise money for their struggling school.

Children at Valentine Primary School in Sholing will be recording their very own CD on May 21.

It will be a compilation of songs sung during assembly and will involve all the pupils.

The CDs will be sold to parents with the proceeds being used to fund musical instruments and other school projects.

The recording session is part of a wider project launched by Southampton based Little Stars School Recording, based in Southampton, that will see them recording with other schools across the area this year.

Valentine Primary will be among the first schools to perform in front of the microphone in a fight against a £400,000 budget cut.

Head Engineer for Little Stars School Recording, Dave Phillips contacted Headmaster Liz Fryer to offer the recording service to the school.

Dave, said: "It’s a wonderful way for schools to raise money for themselves or a cause that they care about.”

“It’s not going to solve Valentine School’s budget deficit but, as we discussed when I visited the school, every little will help. I’m hoping that the sale of the CDs will help bring in a few thousand pounds that’ll help resource their music department.”

Dave has been reaching out to the community via social media asking for musical instrument and equipment donations to help Valentine Primary music teacher Victoria Bandey.

Victoria reports that the school is in dire need of acoustic guitars, a bass guitar, drum kit parts, microphones and wind instruments to aid the children’s musical education and development.

Dave added: "The response on social media has been understandably slow, but I remain hopeful that people who have un-used instruments and equipment in storage will kindly donate to the school who’d put that unwanted stuff to good use.” says Dave.

“So many of us have old kit and instruments from hobbies that didn’t take off or kids’ changes in interests, so I’m forever hopeful that some kind souls will donate to Valentine School.”

If you have instruments you might be able to donate to Valentine School call 02380448944.