AS I again plan my trip to the Europa and Champions League finals, it is tinged with a little hypocrisy as I have for years now been lobbying Uefa to do their bit to reduce global warming by changing the venue when two teams from the same country reach the final.

This year’s final could have been played at Wembley, saving not only tons of CO2, but also saving thousands of fans their hard-earned money!

This is not the first time two clubs from the same country got to the final. It happened with Milan/Juventus at Old Trafford, Bayern Munich/ Borussia Dortmund at Wembley and Chelsea/Man Utd in Moscow to name but three.

Staying with football wouldn’t it also be sensible for non-league to play in the summer? Think of the carbon footprint and money saved by cash strapped clubs not having to use their floodlights.

John Airey,