A DOG has made a miraculous recovery after suffering "terrible" injuries in a mystery incident in the New Forest.

Jane Ayre, 56 and her husband Josh, 64, were out on a run near Hale when three-year-old Roxy suddenly ran off.

They spotted her about five minutes later and immediately realised something was wrong.

Jane said: "We rushed over and the scene which greeted us was nothing short of horrific. I'm a nurse who is used to seeing unpleasant and sometimes gory things, but what I saw that day will stay with me for life.

"Roxy had multiple wounds to her back legs and was unable to walk - she'd collapsed in cold, muddy water.

"I ran back to get the car while Josh carried her over muddy, uneven ground for at least 400 yards to meet me at the road."

The couple drove to Seadown Veterinary Hospital in Frost Lane, Hythe, and placed Roxy in the care of vet Kate McMorris and her colleagues.

Orthopaedic vet Jane Oatley said: "Roxy had two broken ankles and had also lost the majority of skin on her legs. The tissue and ligament damage was extensive and her wounds were massively contaminated.

"My first task was to realign her bones and put her legs back in the correct position."

Following her initial operation Roxy underwent other procedures, one of which involved the removal of a severely damaged toe which could not be saved.

Jane said: "Roxy’s owners were amazing - we were always direct and honest in our appraisal of Roxy’s condition and they understood it was a matter of taking each day as it came."

Fellow vet Catherine Boeree added: "Her injuries were just so bad.

"Had only one of her legs been injured I suspect we would have amputated but we didn't have that option, given that both legs were terribly damaged."

Mr and Mrs Ayre are overjoyed to have Roxy back home.

Jane said: "It’s been a long four months but she's now very bright and eating well. She gets excited and enjoys life, although I don’t think we’ll be letting her off the lead any time soon.

"We never found out what caused her dreadful injuries.

"The vets thought she might have fallen into a hole and broken her ankle, then tried to jump a fence and caught her legs on the wire. We'll never know."


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