MORE than 50 bikers took part in a ride at the weekend to make a woman’s dream come true.

Nicole Thomasson, 23, who suffers from severe learning disabilities, had her dream come true when she was taken for a motorbike ride.

Nicole, who is from Southampton, suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a rare genetic epileptic dysfunction of the brain as well as severe learning disabilities, communication and mobility restrictions.

Nicole’s dad Gary said she “loves motorbikes” and explained that her face “lights-up” whenever she hears or sees one.

Gary made it his mission to help his daughter’s dream come true and tried to arrange a ride out for her.

Vanessa Caldicott arranged the event with Biker Escort UK who arranged a time and date for the ride out.

Gary said: “Nicole is really into bikes and it’s been our dream to get her on a bike.

“All these lovely people have turned up today to help make her dream come true.”

The group met the Tesco carpark in Bursledon at 12.30pm on Sunday.

After introducing Nicole to everyone, the group helped put her onto the back of a trike where she sat with her dad.

The group took an hour ride around Hampshire, with more than 50 motorbikes escorting Nicole around the county.

Biker Escort UK members Tony Wray and Bill Baker helped to pull the group together and organise a route for the group to take.

Tony said: “We’re doing this because it’s what we do.

“As Bike Escort we do proms, funerals, and other escorts.

“We’ve been doing it a long time.”

Bill added: “If it’s local, we do what we can.

“We want to show that not [all bikers] are bad.

“We went to visit Nicole in her bungalow before the ride and when we left we started up three bikes and you could just see her face light up.”

This is not the first time Nicole’s parents have gone above and beyond for her. In 2017, they re-mortgaged their home to pay for her bespoke care.