AMONG the applications submitted to planners in the Borough of Eastleigh were:


19/84935 - Erection of five buttresses to existing boundary wall at a listed building - Itchen House, Church Road, Bishopstoke.


19/85454 - Removal of existing porch and replacement with oak framed enclosed porch - 152 Kingsway, Chandler's Ford.

19/85472 - Thinning the crown of one beech tree away from house by 2m. Lifting the crown of an oak tree by 6 metres and of a beech tree by 6 metres. Felling of two chestnut trees - 34 Nichol Road, Chandler's Ford.

19/85474 - Felling of two silver birch trees - 82 Hursley Road, Chandler's Ford.

19/85517 - Single storey rear extension - Hawkshead, Cuckoo Bushes Lane, Chandler's Ford.

19/85235 - Extension to block paved driveway alongside existing parking bay - 63 Hut Farm Place, Chandler's Ford.


19/85457 - Pruning of one silver birch to clear house by three metres - 10 Birch Grove, Eastleigh.

19/84944 - Erection of a single storey L-shaped garage attached to the side of the existing property - 26 Winston Close, Eastleigh.

19/85263 - Conversion of existing double garage into a self contained 1 bedroom dwelling - 24 Sopwith Road, Eastleigh.

19/85353 - Provision of new dropped kerb and driveway - 139 Twyford Road, Eastleigh.


19/85486 - Proposed rear sunroom and alterations to existing extension roof - 104 Olympic Way, Fair Oak.


19/85515 - Installation of one external air conditioning condenser unit on side elevation - 38 Wildern Lane, Hedge End.

19/85586 - Notification for the construction of a single storey rear extension - 7 Maidman Place, Hedge End.

19/85253 - Retention of single storey rear extension - 18 Sherwood Avenue, Hedge End.


19/85463 - Felling of one beech tree and the reduction of the stem of one silver birch leaning towards neighbouring property by 2m to maintain clearance - 7 Sedgemead, Netley Abbey.

19/85354 - Retention of two non-illuminated signs and two externally illuminated free-standing signs - The Mill House, Grange Road, Netley Abbey.


19/85471 - felling of one cedar tree - 69 Chalk Hill, West End.