HUNDREDS of people attended a pro-Brexit rally and march on May 18 at Southampton Bargate.

The event was organised by Southampton residents Julie Haylett and Michaela Dowse on behalf of the Southampton for Brexit group, who felt their views were being ignored.

Demonstrators marched to Guildhall Square and back holding banners, flags and placards; they were also led into the march by a piper.

The rally saw seven speakers including Southampton Itchen MP Royston Smith, MP Julian Lewis and Brexit party candidate for South East England in the EU election Chris Ellis.

Royston said: "No matter what Party you belong to, if you are a democrat and if you’re a Member of Parliament who sits as a democrat you have a duty to do what the people told you to do."

Julian said: "Why have we not yet left the EU? Simply most of the MPs sitting in the current House of Commons voted Remain and they cannot bring themselves to honour the promise they made to respect the result of the referendum and that they would implement the result of the referendum."

Michaela said: "We don’t want to be ignored anymore. We want to show we have a view, a vote took place and the result of that referendum must be upheld and implemented - that is democracy."