AFTER the recent dashing of Nigel Farage with milkshake, we take a look back at when politicians were splattered in Hampshire with the more traditional foodstuff - the egg.

Fresh in most of our minds is when the then-Labour leader Ed Miliband was on the campaign trail in Shirley, Southampton on April 22, 1992.

The senior politician was addressing supporters in the precinct when a man in a black hat firmly planted his hand on Mr Miliband’s shoulder with a definite splat.

As the mysterious figure sprinted down the road, the confused looking Prime Minister looked down to see a brightly coloured gloop dripping down his suit.

A more distant memory – if one at all – is a politician egging which occurred locally twenty years earlier.

Prime Minister John Major was hit by an egg as he visited the superstore in Hedge End on April 6, 1992.

Portsmouth student John McIntyre scored a direct hit on the premier’s head as he went to leave the complex shared by Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s.

Mr Major said he felt fine after the egg throwing incident.

“I am not being moved off the street by that - not today, not tomorrow, not ever,” he vowed.

An eye witness described how; “a little chap ran up and shouted ‘down with the Tories’ and threw the egg from about four or five feet.”

He said; “The Prime Minister had egg all over his glasses, it ran down his face and stained the lapel of his dark blue suit.”

The Prime Minister was visiting the newly opened stores in Hedge End which, at the time, were the largest in the country.

The perpetrator was arrested, convicted, fined £100 and ordered to shell out £10 towards the cost of cleaning the premier’s suit.