THERESA May has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party. We asked readers who they would vote for instead.

Margaret Cole, 66, a retired woman from Milbrook, said: “It’s a difficult question. Not Jeremy Corbyn, that is a definite no. I think I agree with Nigel Farage. I think he is better at his job than Corbyn. I feel he is a bit stronger at what he does and says. I would not mind May if she stayed on. I think Jeremy looks half asleep.”

John Brady, 72, a retired bus driver from Woolston, said: “Definitely not Jeremy Corbyn . I would like to see a new face. I did not dislike David Cameron. I want to see someone get the country on its feet. I want to see some one get things organised and repaired, a bus station in Southampton is really needed.”

Tina Davis, 40, a teaching assistant from Milbrook, said: “Definitely Boris Johnson. I think he has the guts and know-how to get us through a decent Brexit. I think he is brilliant. I have never been a Conservative fan but I think he can do it. I would normally vote Labour but I can’t stand Jeremy Corbyn.”

Juliet Duffill, 55, a carer from Shirley, said: “It would have to be someone that can take control and knows what they are actually doing. I do not think that could be Jeremy Corbyn. I do not dislike him but I do not think he has the support or the strength. As long as it’s not Boris Johnson, that would be awful.”