ON MONDAY 20th May I spent and enjoyable few hours painting the view from the end of Town Quay, a view which included both HMS Calshot and Calshot Spit.

What a coincidence to purchase an Echo on the way home and see the front page and pages 4 and 5 devoted to the plight of the HMS Calshott.

What a tragedy it would be to lose this ship with such an interesting history.

I am sure that, if financial resources would help preserve this ship, Southampton people would give generously but it seems that there are other difficulties.

Those who have influence in this matter should work together and do all in their power to overcome these problems.

Richard Jacobs (letters 21st May) questions why the city has no plans to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Surely, as a maritime city, the creation of a permanent home for this ship, as proposed by the owners, accessible to the public and with a display about the vital role it played in D-Day, would be a fitting commemoration and one which would be welcomed by city residents and visitors alike.

Lindsi Bluemel