THEATRE etiquette went out of the window as hundreds of screaming youngsters and their smiling families were introduced to a succession of their favourite characters.

Milkshake, the banner which encompasses all children's shows on before it's really polite to get up, is out on the road, and visited Mayflower Theatre for two shows.

There was dancing in the aisles, dancing on the seats, singing along, plenty of audience participation and barrels of sheer joy.

Our eldest daughter Poppy, who will be five soon, has grown up with all the Milkshake shows, so I fully expected her to really enjoy the show, but I was surprised how much 15-month-old Alice got out of it. She loved the songs, the characters, the lights and especially the ticker tape finale and was bouncing and clapping along for the whole hour and 45 minutes.

Milkshake Monkey wants to put on a musical, but he's too shy, so he needs a little help from his friends.

He closes his eyes and makes a wish and Boom Zahramay those popular genies Shimmer and Shine burst onto stage to make his dreams come true.

Preparations don't run smoothly and even Fireman Sam has to get involved at one point when smoke starts to billow across the stage.

There are also visits from Nella the Princess Knights, The Floogals, Digby Dragon and Noddy.

Not all the Milkshake characters are included. Presumably Peppa and her piggy family, the fairy and wizard Ben and Holly and those pups from Paw Patrol are contracted elsewhere.

There was a beautiful moment when a little boy in the front row shouted that Bob the Builder would be perfect for the job and the presenter had to kindly inform him that there was no Bob in the building.

But most of the parents seemed to have prepared their children that not all of their favourites would be in attendance and they all had beaming smiles on their faces after the cast succeeded in putting on a great show within a great show.