IT’S been 35 years since most of us have had pound notes stuffed in our wallets, but, in 1979, the heir to the throne didn’t have one when he needed it most.

Prince Charles was about to officially open the Broadlands home of his great uncle, Lord Louis Mountbatten, to the public and found himself temporarily short of funds.

Lord Louis asked him for the £1 entry fee. When the Prince declared himself poundless, his great uncle handed him a loan.

For all the paying customers that day, seeing the Prince walkabout on the lawns was worth all the money in the world.

“The attraction of Prince Charles and Lord Mountbatten has proved an absolute winner,” said the then-house manager Bob Pullin.

“We are overwhelmed with the response – but very happy. People have been in such a wonderful frame of mind,” he added.

Many visitors were queued at the entrance when Lord Mountbatten declared “Welcome to Broadlands.”