The editorial of this paper and councillor Satvir Kaur are both focused on promoting the positives rather than the negatives of this city,

and it is true that there are many outstanding issues that haven`t as yet been addressed but we are to be encouraged to bask in positivity and look forward to a summer of fun, with music concerts at St Marys stadium and the cricket world cup with a fan zone to watch the games live, to quote!

Southampton is also aiming for the national accolade of City of Culture.

As a resident of some 66 years I am sure I can`t be alone in my scepticism of proposals.

These are all very well for many to enjoy, and they apparently contribute to the coffers, but it still doesn`t deliver on fixing some basic problems we have.

Lots of accommodation being constructed for students, but not much going to house the homeless blighting our city. What is being done to assist them? Where are the low cost affordable houses being built to help those who have been waiting years for a home ?

Are pollution levels being addressed? Not really. All talk - no action. No shoreside power for ships and no park and ride on the horizon.

The latest idea is to have a day with no cars. That would really help our struggling shops and restaurants. Put that idea where it belongs!

The city is still blighted with potholes, dodgy paving areas, litter, flytipping, little in the way of public conveniences, cuts of public services...and much more besides, but on the plus side, we do have some fine theatres and an excellent art gallery.

It is great to have a positive vision for the city. We have had some fantastic ideas put forward, Snowdome, Ice rink, Mitchell Spitfire memorial, a multipurpose entertainment arena to name but a few, that haven`t even got off the drawing board sadly, but don`t ever loose sight of basics, with the smokescreen of enjoying a great summer of entertainment.

To be in the running for a city of culture status there is much to consider before being even in the short list and it doesn`t just rest with areas of enjoyment, oh, and don`t just concentrate on the centre, remember the suburbs too, where there is even more long term neglect to be fixed!

In my view the minuses out weigh the positives at the moment. If that could be reversed. Great!

Richard A Jacob