THE Brexit Party won the biggest share of vote in the West Midlands with 38%, prompting one of its candidates to praise the region's "real" people.

Former Southampton FC chairman Rupert Lowe joined Martin Daubney and Andrew Kerr in securing three of the seven European Parliament seats up for grabs.

In his acceptance speech, Mr Lowe said: "I want to thank the West Midlands constituents, what I call real people...

"They believe in their community, they believe in their country and they have supported this democratic movement to try and ensure we end up with a sovereign democracy at Westminster.

"We will be working tirelessly now to try and ensure common sense prevails."

The Green Party, Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats each secured one seat in the region.

Labour MEP Neena Gill, who was returned to the European Parliament, was jeered as she attacked the Brexit Party for promoting "division and destructiveness."