PLANS to demolish a huge industrial complex at the centre of a £800m redevelopment scheme have been given the green light.

Civic chiefs have approved an application to destroy Fawley power station in a series of controlled explosions over the next two years.

The roof of the turbine hall is due to be blown up in August.

Under plans drawn up by Fawley Waterside more demolition work will be carried out next year and the power station’s 650ft chimney will come crashing down in 2021.

Daily Echo:

As reported in the Daily Echo, the consortium wants to replace the existing buildings with a mixed development which will provide 1,500 homes and 2,000 jobs, pictured above.

The proposed development, pictured, is the subject of a separate application which has yet to be determined.

Fawley Waterside’s proposal to demolish the power station was given the go-ahead at a special meeting of the district council’s planning committee, despite reservations over plans to destroy the chimney.

Council officers said the authority was satisfied the demolition would not have an adverse impact on European nature conservation areas which border the site.

Responding to claims made by some of the objectors officers also said the procedures followed by the council were “totally compliant” with the law.

Daily Echo:

Cllr Allan Glass said: “No-one seems to object to the demolition of the turbine hall but people are very concerned about the loss of the chimney.

“A lot of people like it - and peregrines like living in it.”

Cllr Sue Bennison added: “The tower has an element historic and it will be a great pity to lose it. I’m told the view from the top is quite magnificent.”

Cllr Ann Sevier, who is also a member of the New Forest National Park Authority, said the demolition work would be carried out by a national company with a proven track record.

She added: “We live in a beautiful area with several unique species but our hands are tied to some extent.”