I ATTEND Brook House surgery in Oakley Rd Shirley. I’ve been a patient with that surgery for coming up 50 years.

I’ve seen many doctors come and go, of course.

I phoned Thursday about 10.45am to hopefully make an appointment maybe for next week.

The receptionist was so good and she offered me two different timed appointments for same day. How lucky was I. Off I went for the later appointment. I arrived, as I thought, 45 minutes too early.

Shame shame on me – my time was 1.50pm not 2.50pm. I have always prided myself on punctuality. Ha, the old saying, ‘ Pride goes before a fall,’ certainly entered my mind.

I was there to have my ears checked, which gave the receptionist and myself a laugh. Anyway that really lovely lady got me in to see the doctor in a very short time, instead of sending me away to come back another time.

I hope somebody connected to that surgery, will show this letter to them, if it gets published.

I am so thankful to have such caring people working in my surgery.

Jill Matthews

Aldermoor, Southampton