HEDGE End Village Hall Preschool is situated in the old library building of the Village Hall.

It has almost 50 years of history after being established in 1971. It was originally located in the main village hall as a pack-away preschool but in 2015 the side building became available, which meant it could have permanent classrooms and develop its facilities for two to four-year-olds.

After almost ten years of fundraising, in September last year, the preschool raised enough funds to pay for a new garden and play area for the children. According to the preschool, its aim is to invest any money from fundraising into facilities and the children’s interests.

With 24 children currently in classes, it is lead by preschool manager Louisa Lilley who has worked in childcare for over 20 years joining Hedge End Village Hall in September 2007. When she’s not working Ms Lilley enjoys travelling, and looking after her two sons, and dog.

The school boasts a reading corner, for quiet time and where whispering is the “golden rule”, and a creation station for painting sticking and cutting activities.

Preschool worker Natalie Wilson said: “I love it here. It is absolutely fantastic. It is a nurturing and caring place for the children. I enjoy spending time with the children on a one-to-one basis. Just to be able to be yourself and go back to being a kid again is a lot of fun. You go home covered in paint but it’s absolutely brilliant.”