How dare Boris (buffoon) Johnson state that he will, "put Nigel Farage back in his box"?

His remarks will seen by all 17.2 million Brexiteers, of which I am one, as being directed at us.

Nigel Farage, and the Brexit Party being formed, are the direct result of the two main parties back-sliding and inability to give us what we voted for by the 29th March, namely OUT of the E.U.

Once again these inept politicians fail to grasp the point.

Brexit is not about parties or even individual politicians, it is about carrying out the wishes of a democratic (supposedly) vote in which we were promised to be OUT of the E.U by the 29th March.

So Boris, and all the other "hopefuls" of all parties, I say "once a liar always a liar" and 17.2 million people do not believe you anymore, and have truly put you all "back in your box".

Michael Cook