My I extend a heartfelt thank you to Mark Bailey ,Colin Gaynor, members of the Royal British Legion, all the veterans from across the globe and the Mayor Cllr Peter Baillie and sheriff Cllr Sue Blatchford and Royston Smith MP plus Bill Reynolds, Tony Martin, and the children from St Johns Primary School and all the civic staff and councillors who made this parade, Southampton's tribute to all that gave the ultimate sacrifice on D Day 6-6-1944 .

This parade was organised by the Southampton Veterans Centre Woolston after it was unclear whether Southampton would or would not put something on to commemorate this very important event in Southampton's history.

The city was the most important staging point for the tremendous battles that was about to take place for the freedom of Europe and the freedom of our people that we all celebrate and cherish today.

It was a fantastic turn out with bucket loads of Civic pride shown by those that attended.

I personally thank and salute you all.

Robert Painton