SCISSORS were delivered on a velvet cushion and the ribbon was pulled taught as Princess Margaret readied herself to declare a new building officially open.

The Countess of Snowden flew in to Southampton by helicopter on May 22, 1979, to visit the Civic Centre and to open a new wing for disabled girls at the YMCA hostel.

The then-Mayor of Southampton, John Minton, was performing his last day of duty when he welcomed the Princess to the city before enjoying a private luncheon.

They then made their way to Bellevue Road to open the new building.

Princess Margaret had last visited the hostel 24 years earlier when she had officially opened it.

The Princess inspected the new wing, which housed seven disabled girls and had been designed with the wheelchair in mind.

The Countess enjoyed chatting with some of the girls and was introduced to to YMCA officers and those who helped to make the project a reality.